Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Networking in Oracle Solaris 11

Default networking service in Solaris 11 is


# svcprop network/physical:default|grep -i active_ncp
gives us the defaultfixed which defines type of installation

dladm command is used in PHYSICAL and DATA LINK layers
ipadm command is used in NETWORK layer

commands to find the network-ports

         #dladm show-phys

default naming convention for the network cards are renamed as "NET0,1,2,3"

         # dladm show-phys -m 

this would show you the MAC address

        # dladm show-link

network ports which are plumbed

Plumbing the network card

#ipadm create-ip net1

Assigning IP Address

#ipadm show-addr (lists the current IP's configured)
#ipadm create-addr -T static -a net1
        -T type of network
        -a Address
        -t to assign temporary IP address

To add a tag for easy identification for which virtual ip is assigned for which purpose as below.

#ipadm create-addr -T static -a net1/apache1

/etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf (this is the file which holds the information of all the ip's)

Command to change the hostname

#svcs identity/node
#svcprop identity/node|grep nodename
#svccfg -s identity/node setprop config/nodename=<desired hostname>
#svcadm refresh identity/nodename

To change the DNS client entries..

#svcs dns/client
#svcprop dns/client |grep nameserver
#svccfg -s dns/cleint setprop config/nameserver=<desired DNS Server name>

To see the IP properties

#ipadm show-ifprop net1

for IPMP

#ipadm set-ifprop -p standby=on -m ip net1

To change the MTU value

#ipadm set-ifprop -p mtu=1400 -m ipv4 net1

To enable forwarding for all the NIC's

#ipadm set-prop -p forwarding=on ipv4 

To enable the MTU value as jumbo frames (MTU value to 9000) this is possible only in the link layer..

#dladm show-linkprop -p mtu net1

Note: To do above operation you have to unplumb the interface

To create Virtual NIC 

#dladm create-vnic -l net1 vnic0
#dladm set-linkprop -p maxbw=100m vnic0
#dladm show-vnic (Gives the details of all VNICS)

firewall rules are applicable to VNIC's which was not possible in SOLARIS 10.

Network Virtualization

dladm show-vnic
dladm create-etherstub stub0 
dladm show-etherstub

dladm create-vnic -l vnic0 stub0
dladm create-vnic -l vnic1 stub0
dladm create-vnic -l vnic2 stub0

dladm show-vnic

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