Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Renaming a disk group of VXVM

Hi Guys,
       Here i post steps to rename a disk group in VXVM.

Note: Steps remain same for any flavor


Step 1: Perform the pre-checks using below commands.

  1. vxprint -g <dg name> -hvpst
  2. vxdg list
  3. vxconfigd status
Step 2: Check if there is any other node which recognizes the diskgroups. Usually renaming of  
             DG is  needed on Clustered environment.

Step3 : Deport the DG to other node with below command.
  1. vxdg deport <diskgroup>
Step 4: Import the disk group.
  1. vxdg [-t] -n newdg import diskgroup
Assuming newdg is desired name to change.
diskgroup :--- old name.
-t --: Temporary (optional in this case.)

Step 5: Start the volumes using vxvol command.

  1. Vxvol -g <newdg name> startall

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